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About Contiki

Contiki is a renowned travel company specializing in group trips and adventure holidays for young adults aged 18-35. With over 55 years of experience in the industry, Contiki has been offering unforgettable travel experiences to destinations worldwide.

Promotions and Deals

Contiki believes that everyone deserves to indulge in their wanderlust dreams without breaking the bank. That's why they continuously offer a wide range of promotions and deals to help travelers save money on their trips.

Early Bird Discounts

Contiki rewards those who plan ahead by offering enticing early bird discounts. By booking and paying for your trip early, you can secure significant savings, allowing you to allocate more of your budget to enjoying memorable experiences during your adventures.

Last Minute Deals

If you're the spontaneous type, Contiki's last minute deals may be just what you need. These special offers provide fantastic discounts on select trips departing within a shorter timeframe. Keep an eye out for these deals to take advantage of unexpected savings.

Multi-Trip Savings

Are you looking to embark on multiple Contiki adventures? The multi-trip savings offer is perfect for you. By booking more than one trip through Contiki, you can save money on each tour, making it more affordable and convenient to explore different destinations.

Companion Discounts

Traveling is always more enjoyable with friends. That's why Contiki offers companion discounts for those booking together. By embarking on a group trip with your friends or loved ones, you can all benefit from reduced prices, allowing you to share incredible memories while keeping more money in your pockets.

Popular Destination Promotions

Contiki frequently offers promotions on popular destinations. Whether you have your heart set on exploring the vibrant cities of Europe, cruising through the stunning beaches of Asia, or discovering the breathtaking landscapes of North America, keep an eye out for special discounts that can make your dream trip even more affordable.

Top 10 facts about Contiki:

1. Contiki Group Tours: Exploring the World on a Budget

Discover the incredible savings and budget-friendly options available with Contiki group tours. From discounted accommodations to exclusive deals on activities and transportation, find out how to make your dream vacation a reality without breaking the bank.

2. Contiki Last Minute Deals: Grabbing Unbeatable Discounts

Learn about the exciting last-minute deals offered by Contiki and how you can take advantage of these unbeatable discounts. Whether you're looking for a spontaneous getaway or planning a trip on short notice, find out how to save big on your next adventure.

3. Contiki Early Bird Specials: Planning Ahead for Maximum Savings

Discover how planning ahead can lead to significant savings with Contiki's early bird specials. Explore the benefits of booking in advance, including discounted prices, flexible payment options, and access to exclusive promotions.

4. Contiki Promo Codes: Unlocking Extra Savings

Find out how to score additional savings with Contiki promo codes. Learn where to find these codes, how to apply them during the booking process, and the potential discounts they can offer on Contiki tours and packages.

5. Contiki Student Discounts: Traveling on a Student Budget

Discover the various student discounts offered by Contiki and how to take advantage of them. Learn about special pricing for students, exclusive deals, and the requirements for eligibility.

6. Contiki Rewards Program: Earning Points for Future Savings

Explore the Contiki rewards program and learn how you can earn points for future savings. Discover the perks of being a loyal Contiki traveler, including access to exclusive discounts, upgrades, and special offers.

7. Contiki Travel Insurance: Protecting Your Investment

Understand the importance of Contiki travel insurance and how it can help safeguard your investment. Learn about the coverage options available, including trip cancellation, medical expenses, and baggage protection.

8. Contiki Group Discounts: Traveling with Friends and Family

Learn about the group discounts offered by Contiki for travelers journeying with friends or family. Discover how to maximize savings by booking as a group and enjoy the benefits of shared experiences and memories.

9. Contiki Referral Program: Sharing the Savings

Find out how you can earn rewards by referring friends to Contiki. Learn about the Contiki referral program, the incentives it offers, and how to share the savings with your loved ones.

10. Contiki Seasonal Sales: Capitalizing on Holiday and Off-Peak Deals

Discover the savings opportunities available during Contiki's seasonal sales. Learn how to capitalize on holiday and off-peak deals to secure the best prices on your dream vacation.

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