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About ElleVet

ElleVet is a trusted and leading online merchant that specializes in providing high-quality CBD products for pets. With a focus on improving the well-being and quality of life for furry companions, ElleVet offers a wide range of CBD oil and chews formulated by a team of veterinarians.


ElleVet is dedicated to helping pet owners save money while prioritizing their pets' health. They frequently run special promotions and discount offers, providing an opportunity for customers to enjoy savings on their purchase of CBD products for pets. Keep an eye on ElleVet's website and official social media channels for the latest promotions, deals, and coupon codes.

Exceptional Quality

ElleVet takes immense pride in the quality of its products. Each CBD oil and chew produced by ElleVet undergoes rigorous testing and is made using only the finest, premium-grade ingredients. The brand strives to exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional products that pet owners can trust for their beloved companions.

Veterinarian Formulated

What sets ElleVet apart is its commitment to providing CBD products that have been veterinarian formulated and backed by scientific research. ElleVet's team of renowned veterinarians has conducted extensive studies, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of each product. This dedication to professional expertise ensures that pet owners can have peace of mind when choosing ElleVet for their pet's well-being.

Transparent and Traceable

Being conscious about Ttransparency and traceability, ElleVet provides customers with easy access to detailed information about their CBD products. From the sourcing of the hemp to the production and lab testing stages, ElleVet ensures that every step of the process can be thoroughly traced, promoting transparency and accountability to their customers.

Multiple Formulations for Various Needs

ElleVet understands that different pets may have different needs. That's why they offer a range of CBD formulations, allowing pet owners to choose the best option for their furry friends. Whether it's for promoting calmness and relaxation or supporting joint health and mobility, ElleVet has carefully tailored products to cater to various specific needs.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

ElleVet values their customers and is dedicated to ensuring their satisfaction. Their friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is available to assist and address any queries or concerns that you may have about the products or your purchase. ElleVet goes the extra mile to provide a positive and seamless shopping experience and welcomes feedback on how to make their services even better.

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